200 Ton (4-Bin) Material Feed Bin System

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10’ x 12’ truck dump hopper w/ grizzly.

24” x 160’ (24” truss frame) bin-feed conveyor w/ walkway w/ handrail, gravity take-up, supports, belt cover, and electric motor.

(4) 50-ton square feed bins w/ dual discharge gates on each bin. Each bin measures approximately 12’0” (L) x 12’7” (W) x 24’0” (H). 4-bin shuttle conveyor system distributes material into the bins. Walkways on both sides of the shuttle w/ handrails and access ladders. Walkway w/ handrails and stairway along under-bin conveyor. (The feed bins and structure components (beams, braces, etc.) are bolted together and each piece seems to be marked for easy reassembly.)

30” x 65’ under-bin conveyor w/ electric motor, Rice Lake Weigh System, and (4) receiving hoppers.

24” x 30’ channel frame transfer conveyor w/ receiving hopper, electric motor, and supports.

(2) 60-ton cement silos w/ discharge auger.

(1) 40-ton cement silo w/ discharge auger.

This system was designed and installed by the Besser Company for a block manufacturing facility. The purchaser will be responsible for disassembly and removal of all of the components.

For additional information and pictures, contact Jeff Schenck (M/ 317-840-8904).